Management Skills 

  • Agile Methodology

  • Jira

  • Trello

  • Perforce

  • Git

  • Microsoft Project

  • Steamworks

  • Excel


I have a master of management at HEC Montreal with a specialization in art and video games.

My management style is stongly influenced by Agile methodology. 

Methodology and approach

  • Analyse team stucture

  • Looking for the needs of the project

  • Itarative solution application

  • Retroactive meetings

  • Aim for qualitative and quantitative efficiency  


Area of expertise

  • Project managment

  • Event coordinator

  • Marketing

Away : The Survival Series

Team Size : 13 developers



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  • Establish a successful production pipeline from the ground up for the main project of the studio.

  • Found and maintainned partnership relation with: Le Centre Phi, MIGS, Steam and La Guide des  Dev. du Québec.

  • Manage a team of 13 developers by an  Agile Methodology : Scrum and Kanban  inspiration.

Development time: 12 weeks

Team Size : 30 developers


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  • Assist the Leads to coordinate a team of 30  developers  for a 15 weeks project.  (Now on Steam)

  • As the Scrum Master I organized stand up  meetings, scoping recaps and build reviews

  • As the production assistant I need to make follow up with the leads and the producer of the  productivity of the team and the possible roadblock


Market Analyst Intern



  • Produced Benchmark documentation for ToboLab, a market intellignece branch of ToboStudio, specialised in videogame developement.

  • Produced economic design documents for Smala, a social medias/video game project of ToboStudio.


Cultural Event Producer

L'Espace Notre-Dame


  • Produced an event for 10 artists : 5 musicians, 2 visual artists, 1 DJ and 2 film makers.


E-Sport Event Producer

B1 Bar 

  • Produced an Super Smash Bro. championship at le B1 Bar


@2018 Charles-Olivier Péloquin | level design & management

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