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Unreal 4 & 5 (visual scripting)
Unity (C# scripting) 

Sketch Up

3Ds Max

I'm a level designer with a management background and valuable technical skills. Also, I sometimes draw
Architectural and organic layout
Environnemental storytelling
Layout for action RPG
Coop design
Empathic communication
Iterative process

As a Production Coordinator, I worked on Gotham Knigths from pre-production to launch (UI/UX, VFX and Mission Team). I worked with directors, leads and producers to understand artistic, technical and design requirements. I established development pipelines and acted as a facilitator for the dev team. I was in charge of reviews, in which I noted and tracked Directors' feedback. I kept the team’s project organization tools up to date. I analyzed and communicated team progress and achievement to Executives. I flagged areas where results weren’t delivered and suggested mitigation.
Gotham Knights
As an Associate Producer on Mansion of Madness, I managed a team of 25 developers. I performed critical analysis of processes and suggested corrective actions. I established new production pipelines and maintained partnership relations with Asmodee Digital and Fantasy Flight Games.
Mansion of Madness
Away : The Survival Series
As a Project Manager on Away, I established a successful production pipeline from the ground up for the main project of the studio; this was my Master's degree final project in Art Managment at HEC Montréal. I managed a team of 13 developers through an Agile Methodology. I found and maintained partnership relations with: Le Centre Phi, MIGS and La Guilde des  Dev. du Québec.
Tiers Lieu Montreal
Coopérative de solidarité
As Co-Founder and Co-President of Tiers Lieu Montreal, a social and cultural innovation pole, I helped establish the business start-up process. I was elected to the Production committee where I produced the bi-monthly ''Comedy & Music'' show (see black and white picture above). I also produced and helped produce various activities for other members such as podcasts, workshops, shows etc.
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