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Unreal 4 & 5 (visual scripting)
Unity (C# scripting) 

Sketch Up

3Ds Max

I'm a level designer with a management background and valuable technical skills. Also, I sometimes draw
Architectural and organic layout
Environnemental storytelling
Layout for action RPG
Coop design
Empathic communication
Iterative process

and personal projects
Global game jam 2024
Bored Ghosts


Two bored ghosts in a mansion decide to make a mess to amuse the gallery.

*Need 2 controllers to play*

Global game jam 2019 | Jury's Prize winner
Où tu veux 

With two friends, we made a COOP physics-based home-design game. Objects of various size and weight are shot into the apartment and two players must push them around as they please to decorate their home in a day (about 3 mins of game time). I made game design, level design and 3D asset creation.

Le Killing

The Director of ''Le Killing'' webseries on Noovo reached out to me to make a promotional game prototype for his project. We ended up making what you see in this video with another friend of mine. Fun fact : the NPC voices are the voices of the real actors we met at the webseries' screening. I was responsible for the level design, game design, asset integration and project management.

Prototype for fun
Play on your wall game

I also worked on a multiplayer AR game with a programmer friend. In this project, you can play on a projection where collisions are real life objects while using cellphone as controller. I took charge of the level design, game design and asset integration

Global Game Jam 2018

We worked as a team of six. I made the layout and worked one some asset integration. The concept of the game : some of the students haven't studied enough for their exam. Pass notes around so no one flunks it. But don't get caught by the teachers!

Prototype for fun
Trump Handshake
Following the online buzz of Trump shaking hand with world leader, I made this joke game, alone, where you had to pull Trump's hand as long as possible by mashing the mouse button.   
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